GBA Foo Cheung Study Tour Program

Chung Chi College, Muse College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) and Choi Kai Yau College of the University of Macau are co-organizing the first " GBA Foo Cheung Study Tour Program " this summer.


Teachers and students from the three institutions of higher education in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau will kick off an 8-day study tour with cities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) as their research targets. Through lectures and seminars, field trips and visits to historical and cultural attractions, participants will understand the latest developments of both Hong Kong and those cities and leverage the opportunities for future advancement in the Greater Bay Area.

All full-time undergraduate students of Chung Chi College are welcomed. Details of the programme are as follows:


Tentative Schedule: from early to mid- July, 2023 (8 days), including 3.5 days in Guangdong, 1.5 days in Macau, and 3 days in Hong Kong


Programme Highlights::

  • Represent the College to visit Muse College of CUHK (Shenzhen) and Choi Kai Yau College of the University of Macau, and receive the two Colleges’ delegations in Hong Kong ;
  • Visit the industrial development zones and free trade zones in the Greater Bay Area, visit renowned enterprises and entrepreneurial bases, and investigate the latest technology and business environment in the Greater Bay Area;
  • Participate in lectures and seminars, and engage in head-to-head exchange with scholars, business and industrial professionals;
  • Reside in the campuses of Muse College of CUHK (Shenzhen), Choi Kai Yau College of the University of Macau and Chung Chi College, and visit local historical sites, landscapes, and attractions;
  • Participants will be divided into groups to conduct group research, written reports should be submitted after the programme;

Fee and Deposit:  An enrollment fee of HK$300, plus a deposit of HK$700 (the fee covers round-trip transportation, room and board, expenses related to sight-seeing and basic travel insurance)



For enquiries, please contact Ms. Chan at 3943 6993 /