News on 2023-03-20 and onwards

News Highlight

Chung Chi Final-Year Course GECC4130 Senior Seminar Pre-Registration (Mar 6 - 20, 2023)

【Apply by 2/4】Recruiting local and non-local students to be YM Talents Summer Interns (Children & Youth Services, Camp Services)!

Student Life Committee - Hiking Activity Round 2 – KAU TO SHAN with Prof. NOAH Shusterman

【Apply by 2/4】”Dear Emotion” Over 9 Joint-U Mental Health Services / Workshops await!

Dine with the Dean

❃ Mar 20 & 27: Midday Oasis Lunchtime Concerts ❃

Language Enhancement Programme – Chinese Language Seminar (in Cantonese) (22/3)