Student Life Committee - Hiking Activity Round 2 – KAU TO SHAN with Prof. NOAH Shusterman

Are you ready to hike with Chung chi-ers to Kau To Shan in such nice weather? The chance is coming right now! Student Life Committee of the College has invited history Professor NOAH Shusterman to guide us for a hike on 01/APR (SAT). 

The route will begin by climbing nearby Kau To Shan, then we will head briefly into Tai Po Kau before taking an old trail into some abandoned farmland, reaching Wong Chuk Yeung Village then taking the road down to Fo Tan

If you would like to explore another side of Hong Kong through hiking, come and join us now. The programme details are as follows:

•    Date: 1 APR 2023 (SAT)
•    Time: 9:00 – 13:00
•    Level: Intermediate •    Capacity: 20
•    Apply Now:
•    Fee: HK$ 50 Deposit (*Refunded upon completion of activity and questionnaire.)
•    Payment method: After completed the online application form, visit Dean of Students’ Office in person and contact Mr Alex Chu to settle by 17:00 on 22 MAR (4/F Pommerenke Student Centre)
•    Meet up point: CUHK
•    Dismiss point: Fo Tan
•    Language: English
•    Application Deadline: 20 MAR 2023 (MON)
•    Enquiry: Ms Perlie Chan (3943-6994) / / email:


Warm Reminders
1. The hiking route is around 10km, 600M elevation gain which is estimated to be finished in 4 hours, including hilly path.

2.  Please consider joining the hiking according to your physical capability.  

3. Wear suitable shoes (not slippers or heels), bring sunblock (if sunny), water, and some food to snack on. As for clothing, brighter colors are better.

4. Be sure to arrive on time. We will meet at CUHK. Students who do not arrive on time will miss the hike, and their deposit will not be refunded.