Local Activity “Kiddo Ditto” Subdivided Units Service is OPEN for registration!

Hong Kong is seemed to glitter with an illumination of prosperity. Yet, beyond the façade of the prosperous metropolitan city, Hong Kong is also home to many subdivided units with awful living conditions. Currently, Hong Kong ranks third place for the highest property price-to-income ratio. Many poor people in Hong Kong have no choice but to cocoon in this small living space due to the high cost of living. This seriously affects the well-being of children living in subdivided units.

In order to have a better understanding of the poverty situation in Hong Kong, Uni-Y (CCC CUHK) is going to hold a service activity called “Kiddo Ditto” – Subdivided Units Service. Through the training, participants could attend a decluttering/storage workshop, learn space-saving techniques, pay a visit to subdivided units and have a taste of archery tag with children living in subdivided units. Don't miss the opportunity! Join us now! 


【Programme details】

Day 1 – Decluttering/Storage Workshop + Subdivided Units Service

Date:Feb 19, 2023 (Sun)

Time:13:00 – 19:00

Location:Tsuen Wan Centre, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong 


Day 2 – Archery Tag + DIY Workshop

Date:Feb 26, 2023 (Sun)

Time:13:00 – 17:45

Location:The Chinese University of Hong Kong


👤Target:17-29 year-old full-time tertiary students with valid Uni-Y (CCC CUHK) membership

💡Join our membership Now:https://bit.ly/uniycy_newmember)

💰Fee:HKD$50 + $100 Deposit* (Payment method will be informed within 2working days after the submission)

*Deposit will be fully refunded upon completion of the programme with satisfied performance


📞Enquiry:Student Exco Agatha (5119-2162)

📝Apply Now:https://forms.office.com/r/q3MZfaa5D1


⚠️【Deadline for Application】Feb 12, 2023 (SUN) (23:59)

Limited quota, Come and Join us Now!


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