Chung Chi College Bursary, Class of 1972 Emergency Fund, College Student Loan

The College has established Chung Chi College Bursary in March 2020, together with two existing financial aid schemes: Class of 1972 Emergency Fundand College Student Loan, to help students who may be facing financial hardship during their studies! Details of the financial aid schemes are as follows:

Chung Chi College Bursary

Set up in March 2020, the Chung Chi College Bursary aims to provide financial support to needy students for their undergraduate study when other financial assistance may not be applicable or readily available. The Bursary will be in the form of short term direct grant or recurring grant up to one academic year.

Class of 1972 Fortieth Graduation Anniversary Emergency Fund (Class of 1972 Emergency Fund) and College Student Loan    

Class of 1972 Emergency Fund and Student Loan are provided to students who are facing financial hardship due to the occurrence of sudden incidents or encounter of specific needs. The maximum amount of Emergency Fund and/ or College Student Loan is $20,000, and the actual amount offered will be assessed on need basis.

For inquiry or application of the above financial aid schemes, please email to or contact Ms. Catherine Chung at 3943 8009. All applicants will be invited to attend individual interview(s).