🌟 Sept 30: Midday Oasis Concert with CY LEO (Youngest-ever World Solo Harmonica Champion) & Joyce Cheung (Jazz Pianist)

CY Leo is an international harmonica virtuoso, composer and singer-song writer born and raised in Hong Kong. Highly influenced by his father PC Ho, the founder of Hong Kong Harmonica Association, he is keen on developing and promoting the art of harmonica. Benefited from the strong history of classical harmonica culture in Hong Kong, Leo developed a promising classical music foundation at a tender age. After obtaining the World Championship in the World Harmonica Festival 2013, he began further exploration of this fascinating instrument. Over the years, he has developed technique, stage presence, cross-genre possibility that is beyond imagination for a harmonica artist.

Together with jazz pianist Joyce Cheung, the duo will bring you a concert full of CY Leo’s original compositions in Midday Oasis on September 30. Program includes pieces written for Hong Kong: “Home”, “Tears” and “Angel & Demon”, and also compositions inspired by his journeys in Europe: “Paris”, “Rainy London” and more. See you in Midday Oasis, 1:30pm on Mondays @ Chung Chi College Chapel, The Chinese University of Hong Kong!

                     “Pause and ponder, as we depart…”

Harmonica and Piano Concert
Date: September 30 (Monday)
Time: 1:30pm-1:55pm
Venue: Chung Chi College Chapel, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Performers: CY Leo (Harmonica), Joyce Cheung (Piano)
Fee: Free